RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM

Frequency range: 0.06 to 55 MHz

Frequency entry: 1 kHz resolution

Measurement for 25, 50, 75 and 100-Ohm systems

SWR measurement range: 1 to 100 in numerical modes,
1 to 10 in chart modes

SWR display: numerical or analog indicator

R and X range: 0-10000, -10000-10000 in numerical modes,
0-1000, -1000-1000 in chart modes

Display modes:

- SWR at single or multiple frequencies
- SWR, return loss, R, X, Z, L, C at single frequency
- SWR chart, 20 to 500 points
- R, X chart, 20 to 500 points
- Smith chart, 20 to 500 points
- Return loss chart, 20 to 500 points
- Cable tools (loss and characteristic impedance)

Optional open-short-load calibration.

RF output:

- Connector type: UHF (SO-239)
- Output signal shape: square, 0.06 to 55 MHz
- Output power: +13 dBm (at 50 Ohm load)


- Two 1.5V alkaline batteries, type AA
- Two 1.2V Ni-MH batteries, type AA *
- Max. 4 hours of continuous measurement, max. 2 days in stand-by mode when fully charged batteries are used
- When the analyzer is connected to a PC or a DC adapter with USB socket, it takes power from these sources


- 320x240 color TFT display
- 6x3 keys on the water-proof keypad
- Multilingual menus and help screens
- USB connection to a personal computer

Dimensions: 103 mm x 207 mm x 37 mm (4.1 in x 8.1 in x 1.4 in)

Operating temperature: 0-40 C (32-104 F)

Weight: 310 g (10.9 Oz) w/o batteries

Warranty: 2 years
RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM is made in Ukraine.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Batteries are not included with the analyzer.
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RigExpert AA-55 Zoom - HF/VHF Antenna Analyzer (0.06 to 55 MHz)
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