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RigExpert Comparison Table


  • Coax Tools on the AA-55 and AA-230 Zoom models include:
    • Stub Match Tuner for ¼-wave and ½-wave coax lengths
    • Cable Length
    • Cable Velocity Factor
    • Cable Freq/loss in dBm
    • Cable Impedance


  • Polar Chart view is standard on US models (FREE Smith Chart view limited time offer on AA-55 and AA-230 Zoom units when purchased from RigExpert USA)
  • Ability to change amount of measurement points within a graph scan from as low as 20, up to as much as 500 points available on the AA-230 Zoom only.
  • Return Loss Graphing mode menu access (AA-55 and AA-230 Zoom only)
  • Ability to do an F2 Re-calibration of the analyzer (to exclude coax from a feed-point measurements) (AA-55 and AA-230 Zoom only)

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