CW Trinket

If you like to send and receive Morse code (CW), and your tired of the bands being slow due to poor band conditions. Or, you’re bored and  have some time to kill… Then we have a fun solution for you!

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CW Trinket – The CW Trinket simulates radio communication using Morse Code (CW) as if you were on the air. All this using the Trinket’s key chain size CPU and internal speaker. Use it to practice coping DX Call signs in Contest mode, or make a quick exchange QSO in standard mode.

Just send your call sign by pressing the button on the trinket, or answer the trinket’s CQ call. This fun passtime simulator can provide you with hours of fun and entertainment, or some serious high speed CW contest practice.

Without completely divulging all the functions of the trinket here, we’ll let you try to solve the puzzle for yourself!

However, here are some instructions one cannot do without.

You can turn the trinket on and off by pressing and holding the button for more than 2 seconds.

All the trinket control commands and settings begin with a CW exclamation mark ( _ . _ . _ _ ) That’s the pro-sign “CM

  • !fq x – allows you to set the frequency of the trinket (x being the frequency in Hertz).

For example: !fq 5 – the trinket will be bleeping with a frequency of 500 Hz.

  • !ech – echo mode. The key fob will repeat everything that you transmit to it by pressing the button.
  • !vol – allows you to increase or decrease the volume of the trinket buzzer. Each command toggles between High and Low volume level.
  • !spd хх – this command sets the speed of the code sent by the Trinket.

For example: !spd 20 – the speed of the Trinket’s transmissions will be set to 20 WPM

  • !test – Set to contest mode.
  • !sr – Set to standard mode.
  • !ac ххухх – this command allows you to add up to 6 call signs to the trinket memory. Put your favorite club, or your friends call letters in so you can hear them call CQ, and QSO with them.

For example: !ас W6SFM

  • !sw – As an extra little surprise, the trinket will play the Star Wars melody!

No worries if you don’t immediately tame the trinket. The requirements for the CW dit / dah  duration, and pauses have all been made a little “loose”. This way anyone with a basic “fist” can master this little CW Trinket.  You should have your CW Trinket QSOing in a matter of 10 minutes practice.

The CW Trinket makes a great inexpensive gift / Stocking Stuffer for anyone who enjoys CW! This Item is intended for fun only. It is not a transmitter or receiver.