Refurbished Store

Welcome to the RigExpert USA Refurbished Store. The items on this page are RigExpert Antenna Analyzers that may have been turned on and tested, but not necessarily used or had damage. Some of the items below were repaired or restocked by RigExpert USA  after a customer return.

ALL units sold below on this page are covered under a comprehensive U.S. based manufactures warranty. Analyzers listed are available until sold. RigExpert USA does not take “rain-checks” , pre-orders or back-orders for refurbished products. Most units come with manual, but do not always include our FREE accessory packages.

Buy with confidence because you are covered!


Conditions: (Please scroll to the bottom of each items page for a description of the items condition and Warranty information)

  • Excellent –   No marks or damage to case, clean, as new.
  • Very Good – Very little or slight marks or blemish on case
  • Good – Small noticeable marks or ‘used’ condition
  • Worn – Unit works as new but shows signs of ware or age


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