RigExpert Trade-In Program

Upgrade your classic device with the new generation of analyzers

If you are the owner of an AA-200, AA-230, AA-230 PRO, AA-500 or AA-520 antenna analyzer, you are eligible to upgrade to a brand-new model:

Just choose one VHF, UHF or Microwave RigExpert Antenna Analyzer and contact our sales team by e-mail (sales@rigexpertusa.com).

Simply provide the model of your device, its serial number, your country, state/province, city name and telephone number. Once we receive your email our sales team will contact you with detailed instructions.


Regardless of the condition of your old antenna analyzer, you can now exchange it for a brand-new analyzer at a reasonable fixed cost. See the table below:

Upgrade To: Upgrade for Only:
Stick 230 $190.00
AA-230 Zoom $285.00
Stick Pro $290.00
AA-650 Zoom $400.00
AA-1500 Zoom $550.00
AA-2000 Zoom $700.00